Do posture correctors work?

As you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance your shoulders are a bit hunched over, your lower back rounded, and your core muscles are anything but engaged.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Thankfully, there is a solution.

As a result of the increased work-from-home scenarios due to the Coronavirus, many people are now searching for ways to improve their ergonomic well-being.

Like many, you may be wondering what kind of products you can purchase to remedy hunched shoulders, rounded spines, and general back pain.

Why does good posture matter for general health?

The benefits of having good posture are many. One of the most important benefits is that good posture develops strength in core areas and muscles. For example, good core strength will result in the following:

  • appearance of being taller
  • allow you to breathe easier and better
  • allow you to maintain proper form when running and exercising, as well as working around the house

So why do so many of us struggle with maintaining good posture?

It's quite simple, really: we get busy worrying about so many other things that we don't worry about how important our posture is to our general health. Thankfully, we've invented the most comfortable posture brace that will help you live a healthy life.

What are posture braces?

Posture braces, like the PostureBuddy Posture Corrector, are a special neoprene product used to correct a sagging posture. These posture correctors are made of soft, elastic material that comfortable fits over your back and chest to provide you with the support that you need when working at home and in the office.

PostureBuddy Posture Corrector with Lumbar Support

Why choose the PostureBuddy Posture Corrector?

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The PostureBuddy Posture Corrector is the original posture corrector on the market. Only the PostureBuddy product features strong and breathable neoprene construction that's adjustable to any body size. Plus, we offer quick & free WORLDWIDE Shipping!